All Ceramic System to Mask Gingival Discolouration - a Case Report


  • Teerthankar Mahhaveer Dental College and Research Centre, Department of Prosthodontics, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, 244001, India


Dentistry today not only focusing on prevention and treatment of diseases but also fullfilling the demand of the people for better aesthetics. Recent advances in technology and dental materials have prompted the development of a large number of all-ceramic systems for fabrication of full coverage restoration. These crowns are clinically more acceptable due to their enhanced aesthetic, biocompatibility and inertness' and they are replacing metal as a core material for crown. Development of digital technology have improved the accuracy and aesthetics of all ceramic system and are providing better aesthetics than previous all ceramic system. This case report presents the management of a central incisors with an all-ceramic system.


All Ceramic Crown, Full Coverage Restoration, Zirconia

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