Anterior Cystic Hygroma and its Effects on the Dentofacial Structures

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  • Professor and HOD, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Government Dental College and Hospital, Ahmedabad - 380016, Gujarat ,IN
  • Post Graduate Student, Government Dental College and Hospital, Ahmedabad - 380016, Gujarat ,IN



Cervical Cystic Hygroma, Dentofacial Malformation, Pediatric Patient


Cystic hygroma is a benign growth that is often congenital and probably results from tissue malformation during the early
development of the lymphatic system. The cervical cystic hygroma involving the entire craniofacial skeleton is attributed
to both local and distant effects on the dentofacial structure. Here we are reporting a case report on cystic hygroma having
a secondary effect on the dentoalveolar structure, providing information on potential complications of cystic hygroma and
the treatment needed. A 6-year-old female patient with cystic hygroma of the anterior triangle of the neck at birth with
post-surgical recurrence and had marked dentofacial malformation.



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Shah, J., & Joshi, K. (2022). Anterior Cystic Hygroma and its Effects on the Dentofacial Structures. Journal of Pierre Fauchard Academy (India Section), 135–141.



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