Glycolipid: One of the Major Receptors of Lectin RCA1


  • Bose Institute, Department of Chemistry, Calcutta, 700 009, India


Turbidimetric assay study of agglutination induced by lectin RCA1, in erythrocyte ghost membranes of several vertebrates and in the liposomes of their polar lipid isolates, demonstrates that glycolipid is one of the major receptors of lectin RCA1, in all these systems. The study also shows that Mg2+, a divalent metal ion enhances this agglutination. whereas the effect of Ca2+ is not so significant in majority of the cases. Reversal of agglutination is studied after addition of galactose to the assay mixture.


Glycolipid, RCA, Agglutination, Erythrocyte Ghost, Liposome.

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