Managerial Success and Antecedents: An Empirical Enquiry and Model Building in Indian Context


The competitive pressures in the business environment have made demands for more number of successful Managers in organizations. This paper has made an attempt to empirically establish some of the antecedents as the background factors for attaining managerial success.

A structured questionnaire was administered on the working managers at various levels in a number of organizations located in India. A total number of 282 responses were found valid for analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis was applied and a structural model was developed on the antecedents of managerial success.

The results of hypotheses testing were in expected direction and all the studied antecedents had significant impacts on managerial success.

The top management of the organizations can comprehend the basic individual characteristics, demographic background, various contextual factors, and the importance of achieving organizational results that make the managers professionally successful. It has got implications in areas related to selection, training and development, performance appraisal, and succession planning of managerial personnel in Indian organizations. The present study has explored only a few antecedents of managerial success, and did not consider the other important factors like salary and status, cognitive ability, and job performance. Notwithstanding the above limitation, this study provides a significant lead in terms of understanding the impact of managerial psychographic, demographic, contextual, and result oriented attributes on attaining. Professional success in work organizations.

Through identifying and empirically establishing a few select antecedents of managerial success, this study helps to understand the contributory attributes of managerial success in Indian context.


Managerial success, Antecedents, Model, Indian Context.

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Education; Indian Forestry

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