Employee Competency Mapping

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  • Professor & Dean, JSS Centre for Management Studies, SJCE, Mysuru, Karnataka ,IN
  • Assistant Professor, JSS Centre for Management Studies, SJCE, Mysuru, Karnataka ,IN
  • JSS Centre for Management Studies, SJCE, Mysuru, Karnataka ,IN




Competency, Skills, Competency Mapping, Competency Gaps
Employee Productivity


Over the years, change is playing a significant role with reference to organization systems, management principles, cultures and philosophy which has led to increase in highly skilled and knowledge based jobs across the globe. In the today's scenario, "Skill and Competency” are the main drivers of an organization's efficiency, effectiveness and performance at large. With increased significance to quality, operational efficiency and effectiveness, cost-reduction, high performance norms and managing with fewer and diversified employees than before by corporate, brings competency as the most important measure for all Human Resource related practices, decisions, initiatives and developmental aspects of an organization. Competency is a need of the hour for any sector aiming at refurbishing themselves to the current contemporary and competitive environment. Competency approach encourages employees to develop and enhance their competencies. The process of mapping the competencies of employee/employees is known as Competency mapping. Competency Mapping helps in knowing where an individual stands with respect to his skill sets i.e. his actual skills, expected skills and the skill gaps (Competency gaps). The present study aims at studying and analyzing the employee competencies of Training and Development Department of a typical manufacturing company in Mysuru, analyzing their expected skills and the actual skills, mapping them, identifying the competency gaps, analyzing the gaps to suggest necessary measures to reduce/bridge the competency gaps in employees.


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Nagesh, P., Kulenur, S., & Jagadeesh, K. (2017). Employee Competency Mapping. SDMIMD Journal of Management, 8(2), 1–5. https://doi.org/10.18311/sdmimd/2017/18058



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