Growth in Grocery Retailing in India-Competitive Landscape of Modern vis-a-vis Traditional Grocers


  • Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore
  • Department of Commerce and Management, Maharani College of Arts, Commerce and Management for Women, Bangalore



Grocery Retailing, Modern Retailing, Mom and Pop Stores and Traditional Retailing.


As India witnessed surge of modern retail format over the last decade, significant developments have taken place in its retail landscape. The authors felt it appropriate to check the reality at ground level to ascertain the truth in earlier projections or perceptions towards the modern vis a vis traditional grocery retailing. Hence a study was undertaken, largely relying on secondary data, to identify key trends which in turn would provide critical insights to the academicians, researchers and policy makers. The analysis was done for a review period from 2008-13 and forecast period from 2013-18. Key findings include a robust growth in terms of number of outlets and turnover of both modern and traditional formats during review period. The forecast seems to be more promising for modern retailers than it is for the traditional players. As the customer are getting more discerning, and strive to get value for money, convenience and product variety, the modern retailer should leave no room for complacency to meet the growing and varying needs of the consumers. The traditional mom and pop stores need to go for substantial makeover to remain relevant and a reckoning force in the booming sphere.


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