A Study of Investment Behavior of Households in Virudhunagar District


  • PG and Research Department of Commerce, Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Sivakasi
  • Department of Management Studies, Sri Krishna College of Engineering, Coimbatore




Investment, Behavior, Risk, Households, Return.


Investment of hard earned money is a crucial activity of every human being. Investment is the commitment of funds which have been saved from current consumption with the hope that some benefits will be received in future. Thus, it is a reward for waiting for money. Savings of the people are invested in assets depending on their risk and return demands, safety of money, liquidity, the available avenues for investment, various financial institutions, etc. On the other hand, the savings provide capital to industry, economic development to the country. In developing country like India, household savings is the major source of capital for economic activities. The study helps to understand the knowledge and behavior of households, the major provider of funds to economic activities of the country. Hence, a study of investment behavior of households has made with the objective of understanding the level of knowledge of households about investment.


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