Job Satisfaction and Quality of Work Life - A Case Study of Women Teachers in Higher Education

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  • Department of Commerce, Bharatiar University, Coimbatore ,IN
  • Department of Commerce, Bharatiar University, Coimbatore ,IN



Quality of Work Life, Job Satisfaction, Women Teachers, Working Environment.
Organizational change and Development


the employees happy and satisfied and also to ensure the quality of work life at the work place. Job satisfaction and quality of work life needs to be addressed positively to keep them motivated to contribute to the organizational effectiveness and growth. With this background in mind, the present paper aims to study the aspects of job satisfaction and quality of work life among working women teachers in educational institutions coming under University of Mysore. For the purpose of data collection 289 women teachers have been selected using stratified random technique. The present study aims to understand the relationship between job satisfaction on quality of work life. The result of the study shows that there is positive impact of job satisfaction on quality of work life of women teachers.


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Bhavani, M., & Jegadeeshwaran, M. (2014). Job Satisfaction and Quality of Work Life - A Case Study of Women Teachers in Higher Education. SDMIMD Journal of Management, 5(2), 1–12.



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