Case: Ship of Hope in a Valley of Woes


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Health-Care Delivery System, Inclusive Development, Public-Private-Partnership, Sustainable Development, Women Empowerment.


The case is about the pioneering and innovative work done by an NGO called "Centre for North-East Studies (C-NES)" in creating health-care delivery system to the 3 million people living in the 2500 island villages in the Brahmaputra river. The Govt. of Assam could not reach these rural people due to poor transport logistics. For the first time, Sanjoy Hazarika, a journalist and Managing Trustee of C-NES came up with the idea of boat-clinics in 2005. The case traces the history and evolution of this initiative and explores the challenges being faced by the entity in achieving long-term sustainability.


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Akha - The Ship of Hope SOHDocs/5ShipofHopeToday.pdf

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The proposal (that went into the World Bank Development Marketplace and made it to the finals – 50 out of 1500 proposals) by Center for North East Studies, New Delhi.

The Ship of Hope Proposal:

Victory: Ship of Hope wins the World Bank Development Country Level Innovation award! June 2004.

Report by SanjoyHazarika: One-day health camp at CharkholiaSaporiorganised by C-NES in Association with Dibrugarh District Administration; Date: 10 September 2005. SOHDocs/7HealthCamp_AKHA_Sept2005.pdf

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