Quality of Work Life and its Impact on Job Satisfaction in Small Scale Industrial Units: Employees Perspectives


  • KPR School of Business, Coimbatore, 641 407, India
  • Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology, Department of Management Studies and Research, Coimbatore, 641 109, India


The presence of Quality of work life (QWL) in organization, leads to numerous positive outcomes. There are many studies on QWL in large scale industrial units but there is not much of studies on QWL in small scale industrial units in the Indian context. The aim of the study was to determine the level and relationship between Quality of work life (QWL) with job satisfaction related variables in Small scale industrial units. The sample consists of 317 units of various Small Scale Industrial units in Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai cities in Tamil Nadu. The list of industrial units was acquired from District Industrial Centre of these cities and units were chosen at random. The Questionnaire was designed based on the attributes and variables of QWL reviews and questionnaire from previous studies. The constituted variables of the questionnaire were subjected to construct validity and discriminant validity. The study reveals the important QWL factors and employees perception on variables in job satisfaction in three major cities of Tamilnadu. The study found out the influencing QWL factors on job satisfaction. The level of perception of employees on Job satisfaction is higher in Coimbatore than in Chennai and Madurai cities.


Quality of Work Life (QWL), Job Satisfaction, Employees, Quality of Work Life Factors (QWLF), Small Scale Industrial Units (SSI Units) the India.

Subject Discipline

Business Management

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