Suicidal Ingestion of Potassium Permanganate Crystals: A Rare Encounter

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Emergency department, emergency endoscopy, gastric damage, potassium permanganate crystals


Potassium permanganate poisoning is not common. Although Symptoms of potassium permanganate ingestion are gastrointestinal and Complications due to ingestion of potassium permanganate include cardiovascular depression, hepatic and renal damage, upper airway obstruction, bleeding tendency and methemoglobinemia. Gastric damage due to potassium permanganate has rarely been reported previously. We are reporting a 34-year old female patient who presented to our Emergency Department after suicidal ingestion of potassium permanganate crystals. After treatment, the patient was discharged home on the 8th day after admission. So we conclude that Emergency endoscopy has a significant role in diagnosis and management of potassium permanganate ingestion.


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Karthik, R., Veerendranath, H. P. K., Wali, S., N T Mohan, M., Kumar, P. A. C., & Trimurty, G. (2018). Suicidal Ingestion of Potassium Permanganate Crystals: A Rare Encounter. Toxicology International, 21(3), 331–334. Retrieved from
Received 2018-04-27
Accepted 2018-04-27
Published 2018-06-04



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