In-Vivo Study of Protective Role of Moringa oleifera Aqueous Pod Extract in Cisplatin Induced Nephrotoxicity

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  • Department of Biotechnology, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur – 495009, Chhattisgarh ,IN
  • Department of Biotechnology, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur – 495009, Chhattisgarh ,IN



Cisplatin, M. oleifera, Moringaceae, Nephrotoxicity, Oxidative Stress, Pod Extract.


The present study investigates aqueous pod extract of Moringa oleifera for its protective role in cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity. The experiment was designed for 14 days and male wistar rats were used as experimental animal. Rats were divided into 7 groups (n = 6). Group 1 (normal control), group 2 (vehicle control), group 3 (cisplatin control) given cisplatin, 12 mg/kg Body Weight (BW) intraperitoneally in 0.9% saline on 11th day of treatment. Group 4 to 7 was given pod extracts via oral gavage in different doses 200 mg/kg and 400 mg/kg BW form day 1-13, group 6 and 7 was also given cisplatin (12 mg/kg BW) on day 11. On 14th day blood sample were collected for serum analysis and all animals were sacrificed to study biochemical markers of renal dysfunction and histopathology study. Serum analysis of creatinine and blood urea nitrogen showed treatment with lower dose (i.e., 200mg/kg BW) significantly lowers the enhanced levels in cisplatin treated rats. Biochemical analysis showed lower dose significantly enhanced renal Catalase, SOD, and GPx activity while higher dose significantly enhances GPx and lowers renal MDA level in treated rats. The extract also improves histological damage. The study concluded that M. oleifera aqueous pod extract reduces renal damage caused by cisplatin treatment.


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Purena, R., & Bhatt, R. (2019). <i>In-Vivo</i> Study of Protective Role of <i>Moringa oleifera</i> Aqueous Pod Extract in Cisplatin Induced Nephrotoxicity. Toxicology International, 25(1), 19–25.



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Received 2018-08-03
Accepted 2018-09-20
Published 2019-05-15



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