Nutritional Status of Tribal Adolescent Girls of Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh


  • Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar National Institute of Social Science, Division of Women and Child Development, MHOW, India


Adolescence is a period of profound and significant growth. During this period, 35 per cent of adult weight and 11-18 per cent of adult height is acquired. The growth spurt in girls occurs at approximately 11-14 years. Adolescent girls with height < 145 cm, and weight < 38 kg are at risk for delivering low birth weight babies. Adolescent mothers belonging to poor socio economic strata suffer more because chronic undernutrition retards skeletal growth and maturation. As per 1991 census 55.48 per cent of the total population of Dhar district belonged to scheduled tribes.

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Alternative Medicine

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