Genetic diversity and its implications in tlie conservation of threatened fish species Barilius bendelisis (Hamilton)




Barilius bendelisis, RAPD, Genetic diversity, Polymorphism


Genetic diversity in four populations of the hill stream teleost Barilius bendelisis, a threatened fish
species in India, from Ramnagar (Kosi), Srinagar (Alal<nanda), Dehradun (Yamuna) and Bhimtal (Chanfee) Uttarakhand, was studied using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers for the first time in
India. Four selective primers provided distinct and consistent RAPD profiles in all the four populations. Upon
screening 40 random decamer primers four primers giving reproducible results were selected and used for
generating DNA fingerprints from a total of 48 fish samples collected from the above-mentioned streams.
The bands in the range 666-4830 bp were scored for consistent results. A total of 30 loci were scored, 12
of which were found to be polymorphic in nature. The mean values of Nei's gene diversity and Shannon's
information index were found 0.1899 and 0.2617 respectively indicating an average level of genetic diversity
in the studied samples of the threatened species. The RAPD profiles generated by all the four primers revealed
varying degrees of polymorphism, ranging from 25% (primer OPH03) to 45.45% (primer OPA09). The overall
oroportion of polymorphic bands and genetic diversity (h) among the four populations was observed 40% and


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Author Biographies

Akhilesh K. Mishra

National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, P.O. Dilkusha, Lucknow-226002

W.S. Lakra

Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai

J. P. Bhatt

Deptt. of Zoology and Biotechnology, H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar Garhwal

M. Goswami

National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, P.O. Dilkusha, Lucknow-226002

N.S. Nagpure

National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, P.O. Dilkusha, Lucknow-226002

Vineet K. Dubey

National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, P.O. Dilkusha, Lucknow-226002


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