Mahua Art Gallery-A Case Study on Usage of Information Technology in a Cultural Enterprise


  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Quantitative Methods and Information Systems Area, Bangalore, 560 076, India
  • IBM India Private Limited, Global Marketing Center, Bangalore, India


This paper, essentially a case study, begins by delving into the historical background concerning the entrepreneur and founders’ mindset of a cultural enterprise like the Mahua Art Gallery; particularly how it came into existence. It then briefs on the art industry and also examines organizational aspects and related issues in a cultural enterprise of this genre. It touches upon significant aspects of Mahua’s journey from nascence to the current state it is in. Discussions on how management initiatives have driven its recent adoption of technology are also present. Finally the paper concludes with a look into information technology and online social networks. Social media which this organization has embraced and potential benefits that accrue from its adoption are also discussed. This case is based on interviews conducted with the founders of Mahua Art Gallery and hence possesses an authentic stamp.


Cultural Enterprise, Information Technology and Art Gallery.

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