Fast Foods Consumption Impact on Physical Health of Adolescent Girls

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  • Department of Home Science, Raghunath Girls Post Graduate College, Meerut - 250 001, U.P. ,IN
  • Department of Home Science, Raghunath Girls Post Graduate College, Meerut - 250 001, U.P. ,IN



Fast foods, adolescent girls, physical health, food marketing, unhealthy foods


The fast food industry in India became the fastest growing company in the last decade as many global companies entered the market to expand their market share and region of operations. Adolescents are an aggressive target of food marketing messages (primarily for unhealthy foods) and are susceptible to these messages due to their developmental vulnerabilities and the influence of peer groups. The negative impact on adolescent weight and insulin resistance was seen in all participants who ate frequently at fast food restaurants.


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Tomer, V., & Chaudhary, S. (2023). Fast Foods Consumption Impact on Physical Health of Adolescent Girls. The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, 60(1), 169–175.



Review Articles
Received 2022-05-18
Accepted 2022-11-24
Published 2023-03-01



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