Journal Policies and Ethics

Publication ethics

The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics is an electronic cum print peer reviewed national journal upholding the highest standards. Articles not in accordance with publication ethics and malpractices will be removed from publication if detected at any time. Plagiarism and research fabrication such as making up data, manipulation of existing data, tables etc. and ethical clearance on the use of humans or animals for the study will also be checked. The journal reserves the right to use plagiarism detecting software to screen submitted papers at any time and suspected plagiarism or duplication publishing will be reported immediately.

Authors must ensure that

  • Their work is written and original
  • Must not have been published elsewhere
  • Other authors, contributors or sources should be appropriately credited
  • They are responsible for language editing before submission
  • Their work have not been copied or plagiarized in whole or part from any other work
  • The financial support and conflict of interest for the project / research work if any should be disclosed
  • They are obliged to notify the editor any error or inaccuracy if discovered and co-operate with the editor to correct the same

Articles should be submitted using online procedures. Simultaneous publication to more than one publication is a breach of publication ethics.
Editor must ensure that

  • single blind peer review of the submitted manuscript for publication
  • they will strive to prevent any conflict of interest between the author and editorial and review personnel
  • all the information related to the submitted manuscript is kept as confidential before publishing

Reviewers should see to that

  • Contribution to Editorial Decisions through editorial communication with the author helping to improve the paper
  • Promptness in notifying the editor about his inability to review the manuscript
  • Confidentiality maintained regarding the submitted manuscript by way of no discussion with others except those authorized by the editor
  • Standards of Objectivity preserved by reviewing the manuscripts objectively with clear views and supporting arguments and without any personal criticism
  • Acknowledgement of Sources
  1. the reviewers should see to that the relevant published work that has not been cited by the authors are identified. All citations should be accompanied with any previously reported observation, derivation or argument.
  2. The editors should be intimated for any overlap of the reviewed manuscript with any other published paper.
  • Disclosures and Conflict of Interest – manuscripts having conflict of interest resulting from competitive, collaborative or any other relationships or connections with institutions connected to the paper will not be considered.


The readers are informed that the contents presented in the articles are the authors’ own and do not reflect the views of the publisher of The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Policy of Publication on Submission

The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics appreciates manuscripts in any area of Agriculture, Biochemistry, Community Nutrition, Food Processing Technology, Home Science, Human and Clinical Nutrition, Medicine and related areas. Theoretical or applied scientific articles in any of the above said fields which are original are welcomed for submission. The submission provides the researchers with a valuable source of information in their respective field of specialisation.

Plagiarism detection

The peer review process is the heart of the success of scientific publishing. As part of our commitment to the protection and enhancement of the peer review process, The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics has an obligation to assist the scientific community in all aspects of publishing ethics, especially in cases of (suspected) duplicate submission or plagiarism.