Development and Evaluation of Flour Mixes and their Biscuits for Suitability in Diabetic Diet


  • G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology(G.B.P.U.A and T.), College of Home Science, Department of Foods and Nutrition, 263145, India


Shocking statistics on diabetes revealed that twenty per cent of the world's diabetics are Indians. Thirty per cent of diabetics in India are below the age of forty and that by 2025, WHO has estimated that India would have the highest number of diabetics followed by China and can be called as "diabetic capital" of world1. Since the diet remains the corner stone for diabetic patients especially non-insulin dependent diabetes, glycemic index is a concept that ranks food on the basis of their acute glycemic impact. The glycemic Index indicates the extent of rise in blood sugar in response to a food in comparison with the response to an equivalent amount of glucose. Food with low glycemic index produces small rise in blood sugar. The glycemic index of wheat, soybean and pearl millet are 70, 30 and 55 respectively2. These ingredients possess appreciable amount of protein, carbohydrate and hypoglycemic properties that will help the patients to cure hyperglycemia and are therefore suitable for diabetic diet.

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Food Science and Technology

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