A Novel Method of Field Release of Goniozus nephantidis (Muesebeck), an Important Primary Parasitoid of Opisina arenosella Walker on Coconut


  • Project Directorate of Biological Control (ICAR), Bangalore, Karnataka, 560 024, India


Goniozus nephantidis (Muesebeck) is an important primary parasitoid of Opisina arenosella Walker in coconut eco-system. The method of release of G. nephantidis was standardized for the first time. It was found that 90-100 per cent of the parasitoids released at the trunk (1.2 m from the ground level) reached the crown of the palm irrespective of the height of the tree. The mean time taken by each batch of the parasitoids to reach the crown varied from 13 to 22 minutes. It was also found that the parasitoids preferred to crawl on the tree rather than flying. Hence it is suggested that G. nephantidis adults may be released at the trunk (1.2 m height from the ground level) of the coconut palm for the management of O. arenosella instead of releasing at the crown region of the palm or arbitrarily on unit area basis.


Goniozus nephantidis Method of Release, Opisina arenosella.

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Agriculture Sciences

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