Role of ‘Guru Ka Langar’ in Pandemic Management During COVID-19: Guided by Religious Belief

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  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary (SGT) University, Gurugram - 122505 ,IN
  • Professor, Department of Mathematics, Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110002 ,IN



Covid, Free, Food, Langar, Sikh, Supply

JEL Classification

, D64, H12, N35, Q54
Food Supply and Esssential Services Management,


COVID-19 has impacted people worldwide irrespective of their economic and social status, but the most affected have been the poor and vulnerable. The migrant labourers deserted by their employers during the pandemic is one such example. The widespread challenge was to ensure the supply of food and other essential stuff. This study highlights the food-management skills in the form of gratis community kitchens (langars) that provided free food and other related stuff to millions during the pandemic. Purely guided by its religious beliefs, the Sikh community came forward to rescue the people in its neighbourhood. This paper is based on descriptive methodology. It uses content analysis as its primary tool, along with a literature review. News reports and articles published in the print media have been used to analyse the social and economic value attached to the Sewa (selfless service) and langar (free food) benefits. Analysis indicates that Langar run by the Sikh community as gratis guided by their religious beliefs ensured free food supply to the millions across the world. These free kitchens turned into professionally managed ‘Free Food Management Centres’ and ensured food supply to the people impacted by pandemic. Academic research has concentrated mainly on the role of NGOs and the government in relief measures during COVID-19. This study is an attempt to highlight the role of religious communities in managing Covid inflicted challenges. The discussion in this paper is limited to the part of the Sikh community in ensuring a free food supply during COVID-19.


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Singh, A., & Tuteja, G. S. (2022). Role of ‘Guru Ka Langar’ in Pandemic Management During COVID-19: Guided by Religious Belief. Journal of Business Thought, 13, 85–93.
Received 2022-05-10
Accepted 2022-07-14
Published 2022-09-02



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