Determination of Local Anesthetic Action of Betel Leaf Extract Alone and with Betel Nut Using Infiltration and Surface Anesthesia


  • PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Department of Pharmacology, Coimbatore, 641004, India


Objective: (1) To evaluate the local anesthetic activity of betel leaf and assess the effect of betel nut on such effect and (2) to observe local anesthetic activity after autoclaving the extracts of betel leaf. Materials and methods: Extracts of plain betel leaf with betel nut, with and without autoclaving, were tested for surface and infiltration anesthetic activities using rabbits and guines pigs. The results were compared with normal saline control and xylocaine drug control. Results: Betel leaf showed dose-dependant infiltration anesthetic activity comparable with xylocaine. As a surface anesthetic, the onset was as quick as xylocaine and the duration was shorter than xylocaine. Betel nut significantly reduced the infiltration activity and abolished the surface anesthetic activity of betel leaf. Autoclaving did not result in any loss of activity. Conclusion: Betel leaf has potent local anesthetic action both by surface and infiltration techniques. This effect is reduced by the addition of betel nut but not lost on autoclaving.


Piper betel, Areca catechu, Local Anesthetic Activity.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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