Andrews Bridge: A Fixed Removable Prosthesis


  • CMDC(WC), India


Prosthodontic rehabilitation of a large anterior ridge defects is often a challenge. Such defects require not just the replacement of the missing teeth, but also closure of the defective area so as to achieve proper speech and esthetics. Andrews Bridge is a fixed-removable prosthesis that is one of the treatment modality indicated in patients with large ridge defects. The prosthesis successfully replaces the missing teeth along with complete closure of the defect, restoring speech and esthetics. This article presents a case report describing the process of fabrication of Andrews Bridge to treat a Siebert's Class III anterior ridge defect using natural teeth as abutments for its fixed component followed by a removable superstructure.


Ridge Defects, Fixed Removable Prosthesis, Andrews Bridge, Bar & Clip Prosthesis

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