Orbitofacial Rehabilitation of Blast Injury using Spectacles Retained Silicone Prosthesis - A Multidisciplinary Approach


  • ADC (R & R), Delhi, Department of Prosthodontics, 40, India
  • AFMC, Pune, Department of Dental Surgery, 40, India
  • AFMC, Pune, Division of Prosthodontics, Department of Dental Surgery, 40, India


Facial deformity may cause functional and psychological impairment. Surgical, prosthetic or combinations are the available rehabilitative option in restoring proper form and aesthetics. In most situations, surgical reconstruction alone may not be feasible. When prosthetic rehabilitation is planned, the prosthesis should be indiscernible as much possible from the surrounding natural tissue. Proper treatment planning entitles the right selection of material and retentive aid for the prosthesis. This case report presents rehabilitation of facial defect secondary to surgical correction of blast injury.


Orbitofacial, Silicone, Multidisciplinary

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