Periodontal-Prosthodontic Management of Furcation involved Radix Entomolaris and Two Rooted Maxillary Molar: Save a Tooth to Save Bone


  • JMF’s ACPM Dental College, Department of Periodontics and Oral Implantology, Dhule, Maharashtra, 424001, India


Failure to identify developmental and morphological variations of teeth can lead to unsuccessful therapy. Most mandibular molars have two roots and maxillary have three roots. This article presents periodontal therapy of two cases with the variation in number of roots, one with three rooted mandibular first molar that has presence of extra distolingual root also called as radix entomolaris and other the two rooted maxillary third molar having mesial and distal root and absence of palatal root. Both the cases had advanced grade II furcation involvement and were treated with root resection and restored with final prosthesis as a functional component of the dental arch.


Furcation Involvement, Radix Entomolaris, Root Resection, Two Rooted Maxillary Molar

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