Variables Impacting Students' Performance in Management Course


  • Associate Professor, David Memorial Institute of Management, Tarnaka, Secunderabad – 500017, Telangana



Academic Performance, Class Attendance, Internet, Management Course, Reimbursement Scheme


Education system in India is at a tipping point. A large number of institutions in higher education are churning out lakhs of students' every year with less number of them finding gainful employment. The scenario is same for engineering, pharmacy as well as management students'. The college culture is being impacted by internet and technology bringing in diversion and also new ways of learning methods. Presently, various avenues available for students' to study ranges from all-in-one study material and online courses to training institutes which are found to be more attractive than the regimented classroom teaching. A study is undertaken to find out the variables affecting the academic performance of students' in management courses in terms of Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) scores. With the government plan to have better outcomes of the reimbursement scheme the study indirectly aims to find the variables that affect the academic performance to enable government to introduce better monitoring controls. The findings statistically show a strong and significant correlation of academic performance with gender and class attendance and are found to predict the performance outcome of the students'.


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Author Biography

Gopaldas Pawan Kumar, Associate Professor, David Memorial Institute of Management, Tarnaka, Secunderabad – 500017, Telangana

Research Scholar


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Telangana State Council for Higher Education, (TSCHE),2018. Accessed on 24.05.18.




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