Status of Trainers in Commercial Banks: Nitty Gritties

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  • St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore



Staff Training College, Training Co-ordination, Trainers, Trainees, Motivation, Job Satisfaction.


Trainer is both the captain and the steward of the training mission who not only holds the steering of the training effectiveness but also acts as a problem solver to the trainees. He stimulates the process of learning, growth and development in the trainees. It is most pathetic that the status of the trainers in the commercial banks is looked down upon as a derogatory one. The second class tag attached to the trainers' profession is the most demoralizing aspect and in the process the sufferers are many. Training co-ordination also reflects one of the gray areas which comes in the way of efficient functioning of the trainers. The trainer, whose role becomes all the more important in the context of the overall training system of the banks can never, be disputed upon. The bank managements should reorient themselves in the areas of motivation and job satisfaction of the trainers so that the euphoric effect is conveniently be passed on to the trainees which in turn will have a long-lasting effect in terms of preserving credibility and the efficiency of the training system.


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