Training Co-ordination Requires Overhauling A Case Study with Reference to Commercial Banks in India


  • St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore, Karnataka, India


Key success of any organization lies with its employees. Most bank managements may have to reorient their training approach in the best interest of the people. The commercial banks in India have got a tough competition from the other non-banking financial institutions as well. Training and development of the employees plays a major role in helping the employees to face the present realities as well as the future eventualities. Training becomes a success if there is a wholehearted participation of the employees in applying the training inputs in to practice. Of course it requires active support and the co-ordination by the employees at all the levels. The structural base of the training system looks strong but some physical and psychological inconveniences seem to come in the way of proper co-ordination of training activities in banks. This definitely requires a change in the mindset of the officials who directly or indirectly come in contact with the training to set right the lacunae of lack of participation and disinterest in training.


Training, Bank, Staff Development.

Subject Discipline

Financial management

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