Sustainable Marketing Strategies for the Micro, Medium and Small Scale Industries of West Bengal - An Empirical Study on Bamboo Artifacts


  • Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management College Square West, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


West Bengal has a well-defined plan for advancement of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Industry sector through the active support of West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation and other agencies under the MSME Department. Various districts and regions of West Bengal are famous for its MSMEs.

Craftsmen/SHGs of Purulia create a myriad of utilitarian items made from bamboo. Yet, with the liberalization of market economy, bamboo artifact of West Bengal is lagging behind with the modern market system in terms of quality of product, quality of skill, access to market, marketing plan, distribution channel, packaging, etc. It is the fact that the manufacturers of this art and craft need infrastructure development, creation of industrial estates, marketing support, skill up gradation, smooth distribution channel, skill of packaging, etc. To bridge these gaps, a market survey was conducted at West Bengal to understand the demand for bamboo artifacts in the local and wider markets and also to formulate a sustainable business strategy for marketing the product and services.

The prime objectives of the study were to reveal the gaps at present context. Finally the study aims to develop a broad strategy framework for sustainable livelihood development around bamboo. Detailed interviews through a structured questionnaire were conducted with the various stakeholders in Purulia to assess their viewpoints with respect to the market potential and gaps.


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, Bamboo Artifact, Marketing Strategy, Value Chain Analysis.

Subject Discipline

Marketing management

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