The Reaction of Airways of Employees Working in the Environments Polluted with Heavy Metals in Mine Kosovo

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  • Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina, Prishtina, Kosova ,RS
  • Department of Thoracic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina, Prishtina, Kosova ,RS
  • Department of Toxicology, University Clinical Centre of Prishtina, Kosova ,RS
  • Kosovo Occupational Health Institute, Clinical Centre N.N., Gjakova ,RS
  • Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina, Prishtina ,RS



Bronchoprovocation Test, Heavy Metals, Respiratory System, Workers


This paper is studied the respiratory function as a result of the impact of air pollution in the environment of the sector of exploitation of heavy minerals such Pb, Zn, Au, Ag, Bi, Cd, PM in the mines of Trepça, Kosovo. Lung function parameters are determined by Body plethysmography. Airway resistance (Raw) was recorded and Intra-Thoracic Gas Volume (ITGV) was measured and specific resistance (SRaw) and airway specific conductance (SGaw) were calculated. The research was done in two groups, the control group and the experimental one. The control group consisted of 24 healthy people, while the experimental one is made up of 52 mining workers for the exploitation of minerals in the Trepçamine, Kosovo. The results obtained from this research indicate that the mean value of specific resistance (SRaw) is significantly higher in the experimental group (p<0.01), compared to the control group (p>0.1). Also, in this study it was confirmed that smoking favors the negative effects of air contamination in the mineral exploitation sector, the changes are significant (p<0.01). Respiratory system parameters of the control group and the experimental group were measured before and after bronchoprovocation with histamine-aerosol (1 mg/ml). The differences between these two groups after provocation were statistically significant (p<0.01). Respiratory changes from air pollution with noxae in mines where metals are mined, it takes a long time for changes in respiratory function to appear. Therefore, exposure of workers to these conditions poses a risk to their health, causing bronchial reactivity, bronchial asthma or, obstructive pulmonary syndrome.


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Bozalija, A., Maliqi, S., Islami, P., Iljazi, A., & Islami, H. (2022). The Reaction of Airways of Employees Working in the Environments Polluted with Heavy Metals in Mine Kosovo. Toxicology International, 29(3), 311–320.



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Received 2021-09-27
Accepted 2022-02-28
Published 2022-12-12



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