The Effect of Emulsifiers on Quality Parameters of Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) Milk Concentrate

Coconut Milk concentrate

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  • Department of Food Process Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha - 769 008 ,IN
  • Department of Food Technology, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar, Haryana - 125 001 ,IN
  • Head of Research Station, Post Harvest Technology Centre, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh - 522 101 ,IN



Tween 20, tween 80, emulsifier, concentrate, hedonic scale, storage


Coconut milk was treated with emulsifiers, namely, Tween 80 (0.5% and 1.0%) and Tween 20 (0.25% and 0.75%) for preparing the coconut milk concentrate. Treated coconut milk was evaporated to reach desirable consistency more than 20% TSS. Increase in emulsifier concentration in the coconut milk not only reduced the time taken for product preparation, but also, controlled breakage of fat globules in coconut milk. Prepared coconut milk concentrate was analyzed for moisture, fat, pH, TSS and over run, sensory parameters like color, appearance, taste, texture, flavor and overall acceptability using 9-point Hedonic scale during 21 days of storage eat refrigerated conditions. Moisture, over run and TSS increased while fat and pH decreased during storage. Results showed that the concentrate prepared with different treatments were significantly different with each other at p≤0.05. Among all concentrate samples prepared, 0.5% Tween 80 emulsifier additions appeared to be the best treatment till 7th day of storage in terms of sensory parameters.


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Jaddu, S., Sharma, A., & Bitra, V. S. (2023). The Effect of Emulsifiers on Quality Parameters of Coconut (<i>Cocos nucifera</i> L.) Milk Concentrate: Coconut Milk concentrate. The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, 60(2), 273–285.



Original Articles
Received 2022-10-26
Accepted 2023-06-26
Published 2023-06-01



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