Assessment of Genetic Variation in Cotesia flavipes Cameron (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) Populations as Revealed by Mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase Gene Sequences


  • National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560024, India


The cytochrome oxidase gene (COI) was employed to assess the genetic variation in different populations of Cotesia flavipes. Partial sequences of the COI gene for the populations from Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Shimla were analyzed to assess the homology and the usefulness of this genetic region for phylogenetic studies. PCR using COI-F and COI-R primers amplified a product of approximately 550 bp which was similar for all the four populations. Populations were by and large similar in the COI gene sequenced and there was no variation with our sequences and those of sequences worldwide. The multiple alignments were performed for four populations which revealed similarity of the partial COI gene sequences. Comparative analysis of partial sequences of COI gene produced a phylogenetic tree. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that all our populations were in a single clade with high boot strap value, suggesting highest similarity.


Cotesia flavipes, Cytochrome Oxidase, Genetic Variation.

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