Susceptibility of Crude and Semi-Purified Extracts of Nucleopolyhedrovirus Isolates of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) to Simulated Sunlight


  • University or Tabriz, Department of Plant Protection, M.H.E.C, Tabriz, 516661647, Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Project Directorate of Biological Control, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560024, India
  • Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bio-Control Research Laboratories, Bangalore, 560064, India


The stability of both crude and semi-purified extracts of different HaNPV isolates under simulated sunlight was studied. It was realized that the persistence of both crude and semi-purified suspensions of Negamum isolate collected from Tamil Nadu was most tolerant to simulated sunlight among all the isolates tested in this study. The highest larval mortality (70.12%) was obtained from crude extract of the Negamum isolate as compared with that of semi-purified suspension (54.44%). The order of inhibition of crude viral extracts of HaNPV isolates under simulated sunlight irradiation at 500 W/m2 for 90 minutes was Negamum < Ooty < Coimbatore < Mumbai < Hyderabad < Parbhani < Rahuri, which was similar with that of the semi-purified suspensions with the exception of Parbhani < Hyderabad.


Geographic Isolates, Helicoverpa armigera, Nucleopolyhedrovirus, Persistence, Simulated Sunlight.

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