Mehler-Fock, Legendre Integral Transforms with Applications

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Mehler-Fock Transform, Legendre Transform, Modi?ed Bessel’s Functions, Legendre Di?erential Equation, Associate Legendre Function, Gamma Function.
44A20, 33C10


In this paper we study some properties of the Mehler-Fock and Legendre transforms. Certain integrals involving associated Legendre function, Gamma function and modi?ed Bessel’s function are evaluated. Constructive examples are also provided.


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Aghili, A. (2022). Mehler-Fock, Legendre Integral Transforms with Applications. The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society, 89(3-4), 199–213.
Received 2021-10-31
Accepted 2022-01-22
Published 2022-08-23



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