Modelling Rayleigh Fading Channel in Underwater Wireless Communication Networks using Stochastic Network Calculus


  • M. R. Christhu Raj
  • Rajeev Sukumaran



Stochastic Network Calculus, Deterministic Network Calculus, Fading, Underwater Acoustics, Backlog


A fundamental issue in underwater acoustic wireless channels is in analyzing the backlog and delay bounds that directly impacts the Quality of Service (QoS) performance in networks. Modern networks have been increasingly complex over the past few years in terms of control algorithms, applications and service expectations. Deterministic Networks Calculus (DNC) is not applicable to analyze QoS for the present day packet switched multimedia networks due to their inherently random behavior. To overcome these issues, Stochastic Network Calculus (SNC) has given rise to the optimism that it can emerge as an elegant mathematical modeling tool for assessing current network performance. In this work, we develop an underwater acoustic wireless channel subject to fading eects based on SNC that obtains Stochastic Arrival Curve (SAC) and Stochastic Service Curve (SSC). Using this we also derive the stochastic performance for delay and backlog bounds in underwater acoustic fading channel. The simulation performance analysis and bounds show that this method can provide guidelines for designing transmission strategies in underwater acoustic wireless channels.


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