Geological Features and Prospecting of Ereen Gold Ore Deposit in Mandal Soum, Selenge Province, Mongolia


The Ereen deposit lies within the North Khentei gold belt which is bounded by the north-west by the Bayangol fault system and by the south-east by the Yeroogol (or Sujigtei) fault system. Both fault systems have a similar south-west-north-east trend (generally NE45°). Faults are of east-west, north-south and north-western direction. Regional scale is north-easterly trending. Sujigtei fault controls position of the large-scale Gatsuurt gold deposit. Ereen occurs inside regional magnetic anomaly. The average size of visible Au is reported to be 1mm. Results of combined IP (induced polarization), magnetic surveys and gold in soil anomalies and l48 diamond drillholes in the Ereen area show an anomaly to the south-east of the drilled area and remains to be tested as it did a similar anomaly on the Baavgait license. Ereen gold deposit shows the potential at depth of mineralization using the elevation of Gatsuurt as a guide to possible depth extent of mineralization.


Ereen Deposit, Induced Polarization, Gold, Prospecting.

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