Design Strategies of Soil and Water Conservation Measures for Ereen Gold Deposit in Mandal Soum, Selenge Province, Mongolia – A Case Study


The objective of this environmental due diligence review is to identify and or verify the existing and potential environmental liabilities and risks, and assess any associated proposed remediation measures for the Ereen gold mine. The results show that area of soil and water conservation measure was produced prior to 5 measures mentioned above, belong to a positive design process, closing hillside of which has been decided lately, other 4 measures were produced between these two factors. The four measures were not been decided simultaneously, have the trend of building soil and water conservation forest and building economic forest prior to terracing and conservation tillage, but they are independent to each other, belong to parallel coupled design. Conservation tillage, terracing, building economic forest, building soil and water conservation forest account for 31%,12%,21%,24% of area of soil and water conservation measure, which has some change extent.


Ereen Deposit, Digitization, Three-Dimensional Model.

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