Mining Assessment of Ereen Gold Ore in Mandal Soum, Selenge Province Mongolia


The Ereen deposit lies within the North Khentei gold belt, which is bounded by the north-west by the Bayangol fault system and to the south-east by the Yeroogol (or Sujigtei) fault system. The preliminary exploration has just been conducted at the deposit, where the resource estimation achieved indicates a possible médium-scale mine, cut-off grade has not been finalized and therefore the mining boundary cannot be defined. The cut-off grade will be achieved by thorough economic and technical study. The findings from the site visit and the current exploration are favourable for open pit mining; however, the parameters for the pit development will need to be included in the project feasibility study and mine design in the future. The current engineering geology and hydrogeology study are still very basic and cannot satisfy the mine design requirements in the future. For the future mining operation, the company needs to engage in a contract with the local electricity supply. The site visit found that water supply seems sufficient.


Ereen Deposit, Mining Assessment, Gold, Prospecting.

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