Characteristics of Mineral Alteration and Weathering in Ereen Gold Ore in Mandal Soum, Selenge Province, Mongolia


The Ereen deposit lies within the North Khentei gold belt, which is bounded to the north-west by the Bayangol fault system and to the south-east by the Yeroogol (or Sujigtei) fault system. Both fault systems have a similar south-west-north-east trend (generally NE45°) faults of east-west, north-south and north-western direction; regional scale north-easterly trending Sujigtei fault controls position of the large-scale Gatsuurt gold deposit. The gold mineralization in Ereen deposit is confined spatially with hydrothermal alteration of rhyolite, Ereen deposit area was affected by three tectonic and consecutively, three hydrothermal alteration cycles.The Ereen southern mineralized zone is characterized by extensive quartz veining and a series of ore bodies with similar east-north-easterly striking and south-east dip direction, but the northern zone is different.


Ereen Deposit, Alteration, Weathering, Gold.

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