Studies on Hypoglycaemic and Wound Healing Activities of Lantana camara Linn


  • Institute of Pharmacy and Technology, Cuttack, Orissa, 754202, India
  • Andhra University, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Division, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530003, India


Objective: To study the antihyperglycaemic and wound healing activity of the leaf extracts of Lantana camara Linn. on rats. Materials and methods: Antihyperglycaemic activity of the aqueous extract of the leaves was evaluated by using both normoglycaemic and alloxan induced hyperglycaemic rats. The wound healing activity was assessed for both leaf juice and hydroalcoholic (ethanol 50% v/v) extract of the leaves on excised rats. Results: The aqueous extract was found to produce significant reduction of blood glucose concentration between 2-4 h of administration in alloxan induced hyperglycaemic rats at tested dose levels. However, in normoglycaemic animals, the extract at 400mg/kg produced significant reduction of blood glucose between 2-4 h of administration. In the wound healing studies, the leaf juice was found to be more active than the extract. Conclusion: In the light of the alarming toxicity of the plant, the use of this plant in whole or any part there of need to be carefully regulated until the toxic principles of the plant are identified and removed, to ensure a safe and effective treatment for diabetes.


Lantana camara Linn., Kondh Tribes, Alloxan, Antihyperglycaemic, Wound Healing.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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