Anti-Diabetic Activity of Novel Androstane Derivatives from Syzygium cuminii Linn.


  • A. R. College of Pharmacy and G. H. Patel Institute of Pharmacy, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, 388120, India


Objective: To study antidiabetic activity of two novel androstane derivatives (JB1 and JB2) isolated from the ethanolic extract of seeds of Syzygium cuminii Linn. Materials and methods: Compounds JB1 and JB2 were isolated from ethanolic extract of seeds of S. cuminii by normal phase column chromatography using toluene: ethyl acetate (80:20) as mobile phase and their structure was elucidated by spectroscopic methods. Antidiabetic activity of JB1 and JB2 and the ethanolic extract was evaluated using alloxan as diabetogenic agent. The potency of JB1 and JB2 (100 mg/kg) and the ethanolic extract (200 mg/kg), was compared with glibenclamide (5 mg/kg). The elevated blood glucose levels were monitored colorimetrically using glucose oxidase enzyme system. Results: Compound JB1 was found to be 3, 15-dihydroxy Δ3 androstene [16, 17-C] (6' methyl, 2'- 1, 3-dihydroxy-1-propene) 4H pyran whereas JB2 to be 3-hydroxy androstane [16, 17-C] (6' methyl, 2'-1-hydroxy-isopropene-1-yl) 4, 5, 6 H pyran. Ethanolic extract of seeds of S. cuminii reduced elevated blood glucose levels in alloxan-induced diabetes in rats on single dose as well as prolonged treatment. Compound JB1 was found to be more effective than JB2 as it showed peak activity at the end of day three, which was comparable to ethanolic extract.


Syzygium cuminii Linn., Anti-Diabetic Activity, Glibenclamide, Alloxan.

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Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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