Evaluation of Immunomodulatory Effects of Methanol Extract of Elaeocarpus ganitrus Seeds

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Elaeocarpus ganitrus, Immunomodulation, Nitric Oxide, Superoxide, Carbon Clearance, Delayed Hypersensitivity, Phagocytosis, Ovalbumin, Antibody.
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring


The seeds of Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) have been traditionally used in India and other Asian countries. The methanolic extract of Elaeocarpus ganitrus (EGM) seeds were evaluated for immunomodulatory activity using in vitro and in vivo methodologies. Effect of the extract at various concentrations (832-6.5 Î¼g/ml) on secretion of mediators like nitric oxide, superoxide and lysosomal enzyme from isolated murine peritoneal macrophages were evaluated. The extract showed significant stimulation of release of nitric oxide (at 416, 104, 52 μg/ml), superoxide (at 416, 208 μg/ml) and lysosomal enzyme (at 208, 104 μg/ml). The extract was also evaluated for in vivo phagocytic activity by carbon clearance assay in mice and it showed significant increase in the phagocytic index at 100 and 200mg/kg dose. The effect of the extract in delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) and antibody titre assay were evaluated in ovalbumin immunized mice. The extract showed significant stimulation of DTH response at 200 mg/kg dose and antibody titer at 100 and 200 mg/kg dose. The effect of EGM extract in cyclophosphamide induced myelosuppressed mice was not significant. The results suggest that EGM influences both non-specific (phagocytosis) and specific (cell mediated and humoral) arms of immune system.


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Hule, A. K., & Juvekar, A. R. (2010). Evaluation of Immunomodulatory Effects of Methanol Extract of <I>Elaeocarpus ganitrus</I> Seeds. Journal of Natural Remedies, 10(1), 1–10. https://doi.org/10.18311/jnr/2010/428