Preparation, Sensory and Phytochemical Assessment of Kiwi Bars


  • Government Arts and Science College for Women, Bargur, Tamil Nadu, 635 104, India
  • Periyar University, Department of Food Science, Salem, Tamil Nadu, 636 011, India


Fruits are preserved in many ways and making fruit bars is one of such method. Pulpy fruits like banana, guava, mango, apple and kiwi are best suited for making fruit bars. The kiwi bar was made with entire skin removed kiwi fruit and other ingredients. The developed kiwi bar was compared with the markedly available mango fruit bar ‘Naturo’ as control for further analysis. The physical dimensions like length, breadth, width and weight and were measured and they significantly differed. The physico- chemical characteristics like titrable acidity, pH, TSS, ash and moisture were also determined and they are approximately similar whereas the moisture and ash content of developed bar was lesser than the control ‘Naturo’ mango bar. The developed kiwi bar was analysed for its nutrient composition. The control and developed kiwi bars were organoleptically evaluated for their sensory attributes; other criterias like appearance, colour, flavour and taste significantly showed difference at one per cent level. Further the phytochemical analysis was done in the developed kiwi bar and considerable amount of phytonutrients were present in it.


Kiwi, Fruit Bar, Phytonutrients, Nutrients, Sensory Attributes

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