Novelties in Diabetes-Endocrine Development - Vol. 31


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The field of diabetes mellitus research is currently characterized by rapid and remarkable growth that has led to the development of significant diagnostic and therapeutic advances. The frequency of the disease continues to increase at alarming rates worldwide. This volume is a comprehensive overview of the contemporary state of the art in the field. Renowned experts in the field provide a comprehensive balanced overview of the most important related topics. Starting with a chapter on the individualization of treatment goals describing short and long term therapeutic targets in Type 1 and 2 diabetes the book then provides an overview of potential means to achieve this target. This encompasses chapters weighing the role of well known as opposed to novel therapeutic approaches, the latter including not only technical achievements like artificial pancreas, but also the state of the art in beta cell replacement. A focus is set on diabetic complications and the recently debated association between diabetes and cancer. Treatment strategies for blood pressure and weight control are discussed.


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Jeyanthi, G. P. (2017). Novelties in Diabetes-Endocrine Development - Vol. 31. The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, 54(2), 242–242.



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